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Offshore seismic surveys involve the use of high energy noise sources operated in the water column to probe below the seafloor. The Research Vessels are equipped with arrays called “streamers,” and consist of long net-like bands with geophones spaced evenly along the streamer. The information gathered by the geophones is collected into an analog signal, before being converted to a digital signal and relayed to computers on the ship. The computers translate the information into digital maps of the subsurface, which geophysicists and geologists can analyse to determine the presence of hydrocarbons.

The high source levels involved in seismic surveys has raised concern over their environmental effects and possible effects on commercial fishing operations.

San Marine with an extensive experience of supporting seismic surveys at East & West Coast India since 2013 understands the criticality & technical intricacies of seismic operation & seismic equipment.


San Marine ensures to provide a debris free, intruder free safe perimeter during the operation. We offer most economic package of services including chase boats to constantly safeguard the surroundings of the Research Vessel, socialization service wherein the concerned survey area’s fishing societies & Authorities are well prepared for the activity to ensure smooth operations. We also assist in recruiting experienced & energetic interpreters who make the job easy while dealing with fishermen/fishing boats in the area. Our other services include equipment transport, refuelling, water & provision resupply, transferring waste water & oily residues, medivac service, and any other assistance & support at sea during maintenance operations.

Constantly learning from feedback and experience since 2013, our team has been emerging stronger than before to face the challenges and provide a safe operating area for seismic vessels.

We have supplied close to 40 chase boats during a single operation. We have specially designed chase boats to meet the demands of such operations.

Project highlights

Supply vessels, chase vessels, fuel, fresh water, lube oils
supply and on shore coordination of services for M/s JSC
SMNG, Russia

3D & 2D SEISMIC SURVEY AT MUMBAI JSC SMNG 27 Chase Vessels, 1 Supply Vessel and complete onshore management services FY 2020-21
3D SEISMIC SURVEY AT GK & KK BLOCK Shearwater Geo Services Ltd, Norway 14 Chase Vessels FY 2020-21
2D SEISMIC SURVEY AT ANDAMAN Shearwater Geo Services Ltd, Norway 3 Chase Vessels FY 2020-21
3D SEISMIC SURVEY BY EAST COAST Shearwater Geo Services Ltd, Norway 6 Chase Vessels FY 2020-21
3D SEISMIC SURVEY AT OKHA OOO SCF GEO, Russia 8 Chase Vessels, 1 Supply Vessel And 1 Tug FY 2020-21
3D SEISMIC SURVEY AT WEST COAST Shearwater Geo Services Ltd, Norway 16 Chase Vessels FY 2020-21
OBN SEISMIC SURVEY SA Exploration INC Supply vessels, wooden sail boats, fuel, fresh water, lube oils and on shore coordination of services FY 2018-19
ONGC MUMBAI HIGH 3D SEISMIC SURVEY Shearwater Geo Services, UK & Geotek Sciences LLP, India Marine Fleet for Seismic, Hydrographic & Bathymetry Survey. FY 2017-18
ONGC 3D SEISMIC - WEST COAST OF INDIA Dolphin Geophysical & Westerngeco 40 Chase Boats & Socialization activities FY 2015-16 & FY 2016-17
ONGC 3D MULTICLIENT DATA ACQUISITION EMGS Chase Boats and Socialization activities FY 2015-16
ONGC 3D SEISMIC EAST COAST Dolphin Geophysical UK Chase Boats & Socialization FY 2014-15
CAIRN ENERGY 3D SEISMIC - EAST COAST OF INDIA OOO SCF GEO, Russia Supplied entire Marine Fleet, Bunker Supplies, Socialization services & Medivac. FY 2013-14
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